My name is Hannah, welcome to my website! I am a North West based illustrator, focusing on character design and book illustration.

I have always enjoyed working with children, as an assistant dance teacher and Sunday School leader, so it only makes sense that my work consists of fun characters and playful scenes, intended for a younger audience. This genre of illustration allows me to experiment with different colour palettes and composition.

When I am not illustrating, you would usually find me in a charity shop (I love a bargain), watching films, or dancing. Dance has had a huge impact on my life and have been lucky enough to maintain this hobby in my adult life. It has therefore had significant influence on some of my best and favourite projects.

So, have a browse through my work and feel free to contact me via email at info@hannahbarryillustration.co.uk, or on Instagram, @hannahbarryillustration, with any questions you have.